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Faith Sharing Update

As of December 17 @ 4pm we have received 981 Faith Promises, totaling $187,479.00

Praise God - WIHS Faith Sharing was October 23, 24 & 25 & God is faithful! If you missed Faith Sharing, it is never too late to get personally involved with what the Lord is doing at the exciting and powerful ministry of WIHS!

Faith Sharing is the only time of the year that WIHS makes an "on-air" appeal for financial support. During WIHS Faith Sharing, listeners are encouraged to share their faith by making a Faith Promise - a personal and active commitment to help support the Christian Radio Ministry of 104.9 FM, WIHS.

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Christmas Season Special Programming

Celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior this Christmas season with WIHS. We'll have your favorite programs, many Christmas specials, as well as the music of the season. Please note that during this time, the 8pm Unshackled and the 9pm Today in the Word will be preempted with Insight for Living airing at the special time of 9:05pm.

Wednesday, December 17
Behind the Carols (1am, 1pm, and 8pm) – Not only are Christmas carols wonderful to sing, but their history can be fascinating. Hear dramatic vignettes in this special that take will take you back in time to discover how some of these carols came to be.

Thursday, December 18
Candlelight Carols: Let There Be Light (1am, 1pm, and 8pm) – Since 1954, the Moody Bible Institute Music Departmentis production of Candlelight Carols has ushered in the Christmas season for friends and families. Featuring well-loved carols and innovative drama the Music Department music ensembles, along with members of Moody's Speech and Drama Core, create a compelling program sure to delight the whole family. Start a new tradition and tune in for a festive and meaningful celebration of the birth of our Savior!

Friday, December 19
Noel: Jesus is Born (1am, 1pm, and 8pm) – This special is a musical, a service, an experience, a fresh reliving of an old story, rich with new meaning and insight. The songs and narrations not only tell the eold storyi but bring the Christmas story to where we live today. Noel, Jesus Is Born will touch your heart and change lives.

Saturday, December 20
Getting Ready for Christmas (3:30am) – The words 'getting ready for Christmas' can strike fear in the heart of many women, but Elizabeth George invites you to join her as she discusses how this time of year is so much more than just putting up the tree and wrapping presents.

Prime Time Christmas (8:45am) – A Children's Christmas Special - News takes no vacation and that includes on Christmas Day. Join Celestial News Network as they look at news from all over the world on this special day.

Birthday of a King - A Children's Christmas Special (9:30am) – A special about the story of how Jesus Christ the Son of God brought Good News to man through the birthday of a King that we celebrate on Christmas.

On the Way to Christmas (2:00pm) – Focus on the Family has an extra radio present for us this Christmas season as Bill Mahr acting as our tour guide takes us through a special collection of holiday dramas and fun for the whole family.

Joyful! A Soulful Celebration (4:00pm) – This Christmas listen to electrifying praise and passionate worship as expressed in this Gospel-style celebration through the voices of those who believe. A place where the Holy Spirit flows through the hearts of men and womennuplifting, energizing and revitalizing their belief in a living God. A place of love. A place of celebration. A place of Joy!

Come and Worship (10:00pm) – Enjoy this worship musical with the theme: Christmas is God's invitation to come and know Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. It features a blend of new songs and colorfully arranged Christmas carols, as well as, meaningful monologues by characters from the Christmas story, each of whom were invited to come and know Jesus in a unique way.

Sunday, December 21
One Bethlehem Night (10:00am) – The Christmas story comes to life in this musical focusing on the humanity of the people who witnessed Christ's birth. Meet the young, expectant mother and her husband, as they come to Bethlehem for the census. Meet the innkeeper and his wife, who have the opportunity of a lifetime to make a bundle of money, but who find even greater blessings in the birth of a King. Meet the rabbi, who anxiously awaited the promised Messiah all his life. Come consider what it might have been like on that One Bethlehem Night.

The Hope of Hanakkuh (11:00pm) – To understand the origin of Hanukkah is to understand there is hope in Jesus Christ. In Moody Radio's The Hope of Hanukkah, we are guided on a step by step odyssey filled with musical arrangements and relevant interviews concerning the pivotal events leading to the creation of this celebration.

Monday, December 22
Priceless Gift (1:30am, 1:30pm, and 8pm) – We all have a favorite Christmas gift or gifts from years pasts. In this special, Elizabeth George shares some the priceless gifts she has received over the years.

Tuesday, December 23
Adoration: In Search of a King (1am, 1pm, 8pm)

(More Christmas Season specials will be posted soon. Please be sure to check back.)

Memorial Donations

Memorial Donations A memorial donation is a very special way to remember a loved one, and it helps WIHS to continue to broadcast the Good News of Jesus Christ! More and more people are choosing to remember a loved one by making an "In Memory" donation to WIHS as an alternative to sending flowers to a funeral. It is comforting that a gift given in memory of your loved one can help lead someone to a saving faith in Jesus Christ!

2015 Daily Bible Reading Guide

In 2015 WIHS continues its partnership with The Connecticut Bible Society by using the Daily Bible Reading Guide.

Call WIHS weekdays during business hours to get your complimentary copy. We'll send one to you right away so you can use the guide to enrich your walk with the Lord throughout the new year.

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