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Since 1969 WIHS has remained 100% listener-supported and commercial-free thanks to the faithfulness of God and listeners just like you!  Click here to check out some of the other unique features of this powerful radio ministry.

Faith Sharing Update

As of November 28 @ 3pm we have received 946 Faith Promises, totaling $181,134.00

Praise God - WIHS Faith Sharing was October 23, 24 & 25 & God is faithful! If you missed Faith Sharing, it is never too late to get personally involved with what the Lord is doing at the exciting and powerful ministry of WIHS!

Faith Sharing is the only time of the year that WIHS makes an "on-air" appeal for financial support. During WIHS Faith Sharing, listeners are encouraged to share their faith by making a Faith Promise - a personal and active commitment to help support the Christian Radio Ministry of 104.9 FM, WIHS.

If God has blessed you through WIHS, share your faith by making a Faith Promise RIGHT NOW

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Thanksgiving Special Programming

Wednesday, November 26, at 1:30am and 1:30pm – The Attitude of Gratitude – Discover how to have the right attitude this Thanksgiving holiday - the attitude of gratitude - as you join Elizabeth George for this half hour special.

Thursday, November 27, at 1am and 1pm – The Crossing: A Cabin Boy's Journal – This special tells the story of Patrick Blythe, an orphaned 14 year old who takes the job of cabin boy on the Mayflower. Like most of the crew, Patrick is irreligious and derisive toward the pilgrims. During the Atlantic crossing, Patrick becomes ill and passengers like William and Mary Brewster minister to him, impressing him with their kindness. Patrick finds himself pulled in two directions: toward the God of the pilgrims and toward the relative safety of his coarse companions. Discover the emotions that a young cabin boy faced on his journey to the new world on the Mayflower in this fresh re-telling of the Pilgrim story.

Thursday, November 27, at 8am and 7pm – The Brooklyn Tabernacle Thanksgiving Special 2014 – Join us for this musical special from the Brooklyn Tabernacle choir along with a Thanksgiving message from the pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle, Jim Cymbala.

Thursday, November 27, at 4pm – We Thank You – This special will answer such questions as - When was the first Thanksgiving celebration in America? Which U.S. President changed the day we celebrate Thanksgiving – twice? What about this idea of being "happy"? What makes people happy? Money and material assets? Influence? Position? What was the idea of the "Harvest Home", and how could that idea save our America? Plus, we'll hear the football story of "Wrong Way Riegels", the man who ran the wrong way, and the amazing story of what happened after his wrong way run. Then finally, we'll hear the unbelievable and miraculous story of those people we know as pilgrims, and why they have lasted in our hearts and minds for 400 years.

Friday, November 28, at 1:30am and 1:30pm – Thankful During Adversity – Scripture teaches us to praise the Lord at all times. But what about when times are tough? Are we to be thankful for the adversity or thank God in our adversity? In this special, Jim Garlow offers compassion and hope for the struggles of life to help us find God's heart and be thankful during adversity.

Memorial Donations

Memorial Donations A memorial donation is a very special way to remember a loved one, and it helps WIHS to continue to broadcast the Good News of Jesus Christ! More and more people are choosing to remember a loved one by making an "In Memory" donation to WIHS as an alternative to sending flowers to a funeral. It is comforting that a gift given in memory of your loved one can help lead someone to a saving faith in Jesus Christ!

Daily Bible Reading Guide

During November you'll spend a lot of time in the Psalms when you use the Daily Bible Reading Guide from The Connecticut Bible Society. The 30 Scripture passages listed in the guide throughout November will keep you thinking about Thanksgiving. The month-long theme is -
God's Word: Sending Us Forth With A Thankful Heart.

We're inviting you to "Come Grow With Us" by hearing qualified Bible teachers and preachers on WIHS each day, and by using the Daily Bible Reading Guide. Call WIHS during business hours at 860/346-1049 to get your complimentary copy. You may get the guide by sending us an email with your mailing address at

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