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Photo Gallery: Wheels for the World – 2013

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Anissa and Angel in Production Room
First Congregational Church of Cromwell
First Congregational Church of Cromwell with Teresa
Listeners from Meriden
Wheelchairs line the WIHS hallway
Listeners from South Windsor
Caroline Misarski and Susan in the Studio
Eleanor Pelley
Gerry and faithful listeners from Manchester
Incoming Equipment
Joy and Tina and Susan in WIHS Breakroom
Joy and Willie and the crew with all equipment loaded
Joy Eusebio the CT State Coordinator at mid week
Listener affixes a shiney new bumper sticker
Listener bring equipment to WIHS
Listeners and their dog dropping off equipment
Loading collected equipment to be refurbished
Mid Week Pickup
Office Staff in Production Room
Robin in WIHS Breakroom
Ron and Willie set up for Collection
Susan carries some walkers
Teresa and some listeners who dropped off equipment
Teresa Daly
Tina and Willie stacking walkers
Willie helps a listener
Willie helps load equipment

Updated: August 2013