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Three Steps To Faith Promise Giving At WIHS

Your Faith Promise is a commitment between you and God

Yes, please count on me to be a WIHS
Faith Sharing partner this year!

1. Make Your Faith Promise...
I will pray regularly for the needs of WIHS
I will give a monthly amount of $ as a Faith Promise in dependence upon God.
I will give a single gift of $ as a Faith Promise in dependence upon God.
I will tell my friends and neighbors about WIHS

Your Contact Information:  (WIHS will not share your information with any other organization.)

Apt #:


WIHS customarily sends Faith Promise partners our quarterly Good News letter, an informative publication highlighting new programs, staff, and happenings at WIHS.
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2. Submit Your Faith Promise...

Enter the security code below and click the Submit button. If you cannot read the Security Code, please contact WIHS for assistance.

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3. Fulfill Your Faith Promise...

Mail your check or
money order to:
WIHS Radio
1933 South Main Street
Middletown, CT 06457
OR... Transfer Funds
Electronically by
Clicking Here

Thank you for making your Faith Promise to keep WIHS broadcasting
the Good News of Jesus Christ for another year!

WIHS does not send out reminders notices, but we will send you a receipt
when we receive the fulfillment of your Faith Promise.

Updated: October 2016