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Out & About with WIHS

WIHS Staff with the Christian Comedians

Tina, Robin & Anissa at the WIHS Table

Anissa at WIHS table with the beautiful, hand-made gift basket!

"It's Just That Easy to Laugh"
Comedy Tour in Middletown

November 16, 2013

WIHS was recently blessed to attend the "It's Just That Easy to Laugh" Comedy Tour in Middletown!

Five Christian comedians kept the crowd of about 100 in stitches with good, clean, Christian humor!!

WIHS had a ministry display table where we were able to give out FREE WIHS witnessing materials!!

And... WIHS custom-designed a gift basket which was given to a fortunate crowd member!

If you would like to invite WIHS to your upcoming event and/or would like WIHS to custom design a basket for you to giveaway at your next event, please email us at and let us know!!

Updated: November 2013