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Susan & Tina w/JesusFest founder Drew Crandall

November 9, 2013

WIHS was blessed to be included in the special JesusFest Pavilion at the 1st-ever Lifestyles Expo in Tolland!

The JesusFest Pavilion consisted of displays by Christian churches, ministries, schools, businesses and more (similar to the display barns when JesusFest was at the agricultural center). Also included were Christian visual arts, dramatic arts, youth group demonstrations and other Christian activities!

JesusFest has been "celebrating the Christian Journey since 2002"! For more information about JesusFest, please visit:

If you would like to invite WIHS to your upcoming event, email us at and let us know!!

Susan and Tina at JesusFest

Updated: November 2013