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Meet Alicia Morgan

Alicia Morgan

My conversion to Christ was a natural progression of faith. I cannot remember a time I did not believe in Jesus Christ. As ordinary as it sounds, I was one of those folks who grew up in church and at 12 years old, made the decision to seal my personal faith confession with the public confirmation of baptism. However, just as ordinary as my conversion was, so were my years of living believing without having a true experiential relationship of love and trust with Father God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

It was not until sometime in my teen years and into my twenties that I realized that a lot of my faith and relation to Father God was laced with and driven by fear. The journey through those years saw me making a lot of wrong choices: looking for love in all the wrong places, living with fear and shame, and hiding behind fig leaves of my own making instead of total surrender and embracing His grace.

As a result, I struggled for many years with rejection, condemnation and not fully grasping the fact that I was not just loved as a byproduct of Christ sacrifice for the whole world but, that I was the apple of His eye, personally chosen and deeply and holistically loved by Him.

I live now, not just believing, but knowing that, even with the many hats I wear as wife, mom, sister, friend, minister, mentor, writer, entrepreneur - all of which are important expressions to who I am - what really defines, frees and gives me peace is my experiencing of His forgiveness, love, full embrace and eternal acceptance.

I enjoy every chance I get to communicate to those I am given an opportunity - that the truth is, there is no fear or rejection in His perfect love. The truth is, it doesn't matter how long we've been 'saved' that there is greater depth and freedom to experience and the pain of inner hurt, shame and guilt does not have to be our everyday reality. We are chosen, never forsaken and indelibly imprinted on the palms of His hands (Isaiah 49:15-16).

Updated: January 2019