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Meet Reverend Chris Adams

Reverend Adams serves the Lord as Chaplain of Adelbrook, the Children's Home of Cromwell, a Christian residential facility for young people from abused, neglected or troubled backgrounds. He is also serves as interim pastor of Bethlehem Covenant Church in Worcester, Massachusetts. He shares with us how the testimony of one of his high school classmates named Julie, led him to Christ. Julie wrote in his high school yearbook, "Chris -- A good kid! Remember always the promise of Proverbs 3: 5&6 - 'Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths'".

Thirty-two years ago on December 21, 1983, my life changed. In my Senior year at Conard High School, West Hartford, CT, 1982 - 1983, a new classmate named Julianne transferred in. We became good friends. Both of us were going through very challenging family situations. We talked about God quite a bit. I learned that through the storms, Julianne had something that I was searching, longing for, wanted and needed - PEACE. And she gave me a glimpse of the source of her peace in her yearbook message to me. On the evening of December 21, 1983 , Julianne gave a very precious gift. A copy of the Word of God.

She used that gift to show me how I could know and receive the greatest gift of all - eternal life, forgiveness of sin, and peace in my heart. I found all this and more as I, by faith, received the Lord Jesus Christ as my Personal Savior. My life hasn't been the same since.

Thank you Lord for sending Sister Julianne Harju to bring me, show me, and teach me the gospel . You Lord Jesus are the greatest gift of all!

My prayer for all of you is that you too will get to know Jesus if you don't. And get to know him better if you do. And believe me, the only regret you will have is that you didn't do it sooner.

After high school Chris furthered his education. He is a graduate of The University of Hartford and Hartford Seminary. In addition to his pastoral duties, he has a love for music. Chris is widely known today as The Singing Chaplain.

Shortly after leading Chris to faith in Christ, Julie suggested that he start listening to WIHS 104.9 FM. Chris has been listening ever since...32 years now! What's more, it's amazing how God brings things full circle! These days Chris is heard on WIHS on Bread of Life, and as one of the hosts of the Family Prayer Circle.

Updated: February 2016