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Meet Dennis Deluzio

Dennis Deluzio

Dennis DeLuzio received his Bachelor Degree in Music Education from Central Connecticut State University and has taken additional course work at The University of Hartford. He has been a member of the Hartford Chorale for over 44 years, where he has served as Concert Chairperson, Vice President, soloist and Assistant Conductor. He currently is a part of the Chorale's Artistic Advisory Committee.

Mr. DeLuzio taught Secondary Vocal Music in the Southington Public School System for five years. During the 80s he was Chorus Master and Music Director for the Greater New Britain Opera Association. At various times through the years he has been a soloist and Music Director with the New Britain Musical Club, as well as doing solo work while being a member of the New Britain Chorale.

Dennis served as Choir Director and baritone soloist at Trinity United Methodist Church in New Britain before becoming Choir Director at St. Ann's Church in New Britain. For 10 years he sang in the choir, was a soloist, and Assistant Choir Director at Calvary Church of West Hartford. He then became the Director of Worship and Music at Calvary for six years. At Valley Community Baptist Church in Avon, Dennis has been the Choir and Orchestra Director, and is still a member of their choir today.

Not only has God given Dennis DeLuzio gifts in the are of music, but also in the area of technology. He is currently employed full time by The Hartford as an Oracle Database Administrator.

Dennis says, " As I look back on my younger years I realize I was always drawn to the Lord but continued to run away from Him. I was a huge fan of triumphal music and movies that painted Jesus as the Victor, yet was still far away from Him. Even dating two young ladies, who eventually were saved, did not sway me. I was a runner and God was chasing me.

Shortly after college, I got my first job as a church Choir Director at Trinity United Methodist Church in New Britain, a position I held for a year but left as I didn't feel 'ready' for such a responsibility. I was still running, but God was catching up. Eventually I ran myself into a deep hole where I wronged some people who were close to me and got in a heap of trouble, so much so that I might have lost everything if not for one of those people who I wronged said I needed Jesus in my life.

Caught ! ! !

In June of 1989, with my wife at my side, I accepted Jesus as my Savior and within a very short period of time the healing began. I went through a period of counseling...began to see my wayward way and did a complete turnaround. I found solace in the Scriptures, my relationships have all strengthened and I am closer than ever to those I had wronged.

Now, my music is dedicated to Him, as am I.

I have led other church choirs since Trinity, and have sung in several more. Music has taken on new meaning and I worship through it."

Dennis and his wife, Elaine, have two grown children. Their daughter, Amy is a counselor and their son Matt is a surgeon.

Updated: April 2017