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Meet Gerry Williams

Gerry Willams Gerry has been with WIHS since 2007 and is currently the host of Morning Cheer heard Monday - Friday, 4:30am - 9am. He is a clear demonstration of Christ's transforming power. "...But where sin abounded, grace abounded much more..." Romans 5:20b. He says, "my life had sunk so low I had to look up to see muck and mire"! However, that was before he trusted Christ as Savoir.

These days you'll find Gerry serving the Lord not only at WIHS, but also as an actor playing the part of King David in The Passion of the King, in the men's singing group, The Brothers That Love The Lord, and in evangelistic outreach wherever the Lord leads.

He often says with a smile to those around him, "I'm going to love you regardless, and there isn't anything you can do about it!" Anyone who knows him, knows he means it!

Born and raised in Oakland, California,Gerry Williams started indulging in pornography and consuming drugs and alcohol in his early teens. By the time he reached his 20's he became addicted to crack cocaine and several other destructive vices including horse race gambling. For 12 years he struggled with his addictions, was often homeless and in and out of jail. While incarcerated in the early 90's, he made the confession of faith in Christ's atoning work on the cross for his sins. Upon that confession his heart, mind and life became UNSHACKLED.

Updated: August 2014