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Meet Jim Whiting

Jim Whiting

I was born into a church going home in Bronxville, NY and through my growing years we belonged to the Dutch Reformed Church, where my father taught Sunday School, and I sang in the choir.

I do not remember a time when I ever doubted the existence of God or that Jesus was His Son come to the world to save sinners. But as many growing up in the late 60s and early 70s, I found myself more interested in other pursuits, namely, the sport of Tennis. Around the age of 12, I told my dad that while in church I was only thinking of being on the Tennis court and asked if I could play Tennis on Sunday instead. Interestingly, he gave permission, and the Tennis court became my sanctuary.

It was in my mid twenties however, that the truth claims I heard as a boy were beginning to press on me, and I wrestled with the fact that I was outside the will of the Lord, and that my life was a poor reflection of what I knew and believed to be true. There began a lifetime of daily Bible reading, which continues to this day. (My wife Karen and I read the scriptures through to each other every day – a blessing incalculable!)

My faith can be simply stated as the following: I trust wholly in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ for my standing before a just and Holy God, and endeavor to flesh that out in every day life.

Karen and I worship as members of the Westminster Orthodox Presbyterian church in Hamden, CT, and I am employed as (you guessed it) a Tennis Coach in Simsbury, CT, where I direct Tennis for the Hop Meadow Country Club during the summers and teach indoors at the Simsmore Tennis Club in the fall, winter and spring.

Updated: April 2017