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Meet Junius R. Hughes, Jr.

Growing up a PK (Preacher's Kid) and the grandson of two ministers, it would seem my walk with the LORD would be a seamless transition into Christian maturity; however, it was not. Looking back, I can clearly see I was only masquerading in the certainty that I was a believer. When tragedy struck I realized that nepotism has no place in the body of Christ and my salvation must be worked out with fear and trembling.

I can shamelessly admit that most of my young and adult life was spent playing the role of Gomer, running after the false gods of money, worldly success, and popularity. It was in the midst of my spiritual adultery that I was violently shaken by the Word of God and instantly nothing man could offer would suffice to God's gift of salvation.

That which was lost in the process compares not to the inheritance I have gained and for this I am HIS grateful servant. My goal in life (now) is HIS goal. My will is HIS will, and my life belongs to the one who paid the price for those who repent, trust, and believe.

I am an ordinary man who serves an extraordinary King! For the rest of the days The LORD grants me residency on this earth I am determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.

Soli Deo Gloria!!!

Updated: February 2017